HealthIMPACT Midwest Sponsor Spotlight – Rivet Logic & Liferay

The HealthIMPACT team is excited to welcome our new sponsors, Rivet Logic and Liferay to the Midwest HealthIMPACT Forum on September 17th. Rivet Logic is an award-winning consulting, design and systems integration firm that helps leading enterprises build riveting digital experiences, and the solutions to continually manage and optimize those experiences for customers, employees, and all stakeholders.


See Who is Attending HealthIMPACT Forum West

The HealthIMPACT Team is excited to return to Santa Monica on Wednesday, June 10 for the second HealthIMPACT Forum West.  Next week we will convene over 100 Health System leaders and Shahid Shah our conference chairperson.  Shahid has an incredible talent for engaging the audience and leading the faculty in an interactive and engaging dialogue that brings forth


See who is attending the HealthIMPACT Southwest Forum

The HealthIMPACT Team is excited to return to Houston on Thursday for the second HealthIMPACT Forum Southwest.  It was in Houston last year that we launched the rebranded HealthIMPACT Forum chaired by Shahid Shah and we haven’t looked back.  Shahid has an incredible talent for engaging the audience and leading the faculty in an interactive and engaging dialogue that brings

Shahid Shah, Ed Marx, Luis Taveras

Making an Impact at HealthIMPACT Forum East in NYC

It seems like just yesterday that we were at HealthIMPACT Forum East at the Union League Club in New York with the amazing Luis Taveras, Ed Marx, Jacob Reider and Shafiq Rab.  Since then we’ve had some exciting changes here at HealthIMPACT.  Purpose Events LLC is now our holding company, we’ve launched a brand new

Ed Marx and Shafiq Rab with an HL7 photo bomb

Building a Better and More Robust Healthcare System

RCM Answers is a HealthIMPACT Partner.  They are a community hub site dedicated to educating healthcare providers and other stakeholders on issues impacting revenue cycle management.  Sarianne Gruber who tweets at @subtleimpact joined us in New York for the 3rd Annual HealthIMPACT Forum East.  She wrote a great summary and broke down the event really into: I.

Harold Hybrent #2

Innovation Panel Winner’s Take-A-Ways from HealthIMPACT Midwest

In Chicago last September, I had the pleasure of meeting Harold Richards Co-Founder and President of Hybrent Inc., a total supply chain solution that completely eliminates waste from the system, saving the hospital millions of dollars, making it easier for clinical teams to work more effectively with the supply chain. There he pitched a distinguished