HealthIMPACT Stack 1.0 2016

HealthIMPACT Changemakers of the Week GEORGE KURIAN George Kurian, CEO of NetApp, recently announced that NetApp is renewing their focus on simplification and modernization of the data management architecture for the next era of IT, to provide an architecture with seamless data management. LEARN MORE CARINA EDWARDS Carina Edwards, SVP of Customer Experience for Imprivata,


HealthIMPACT CXO Dinner in Arizona Post Event Report

On October 26th, HealthIMPACT hosted another great discussion with a fantastic group of motivated and inspired healthcare technology executives.  It is such a pleasure to bring together experienced healthcare executives with differing perspectives to align efforts around a common goal, improving patient outcomes and experience. Our  featured  speakers  were Brian  Treptow,  Chief  Technology  Officer  of 


Healthcare Innovation – To Disrupt or Not to Disrupt that is the Question

Innovation may be the most overused buzzword in business today. So given that HealthIMPACT is the no buzzword, no BS Healthcare IT event, there is some irony to innovation being the opening session of the day at HealthIMPACT Midwest in Chicago tomorrow. HealthIMPACTers come together because we want to make changes to the established healthcare system


Hospital IT Executives Convene for HealthIMPACT Midwest

Midwest Hospital IT executives will convene on September 14th for the 4th Annual HealthIMPACT Midwest.  Four years running, HealthIMPACT is not just any Health IT event. It is an idea exchange among a community of leaders. It is the place where C-Suite hospital technology executives come together for vigorous debate that culminates in solutions you

Health Impact EAST email2

Dr. Ted Shortliffe on the Impact of Technology on the Practice of Medicine

It was an honor and a privilege to have Dr. Ted Shortliffe attend HealthIMPACT East on May 17th in New York.  Dr. Shortliffe is a pioneer in the use of artificial intelligence in medicine.  He was the principal developer of the clinical expert system MYCIN, one of the first rule-based artificial intelligence expert systems, which obtained


CIO Reality – Changing Tires While the Car is Speeding Down the Highway

It’s no secret that the Hospital CIO’s role is among the most overwhelming and challenging in health care administration today.  I’ve heard it likened to changing tires while the car is moving many times.  As health systems are struggling to transition to value-based payments, mine actionable insights from big data, and achieve patient engagement, balancing compliance

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Pre-Registration List for HealthIMPACT East 2016

  HealthIMPACT East is just around the corner.  Look who is already registered. Register today. Medical Director Population Health Health Partners Plans Director of Healthcare Informatics & Technology St. Vincent’s Health Partners, Inc. Clinical Informatics Good Samaritan Hospital Medical Center Director of Sales CoreSite Director, Clinical Informatics Epic CMIO Northwell Health Director, Clinical Information Systems


Bigger Isn’t Always Better – The Science of Connections

  Still reeling from HIMSS?   Have the flyers and white papers made it to the recycling bin yet? Let’s face it, bigger is not always better when it comes to meetings.   Personally, I am a big fan of Dunbar’s Number.  Popularized by British Anthropologist Robin Dunbar, it is the theory that humans can’t sustain more the 150


Back From HIMSS 2016 – Register for the Southwest HealthIMPACT Forum

It was a long and crazy week. My feet still hurt and my head is still spinning from information overload. I am excited to dig into my notes over the next three weeks with HealthIMPACT Chair, Shahid Shah and tease out the major themes and take-aways to ensure that the Southwest HealthIMPACT Forum on March 24th gives


Insider’s Guide to Making an Impact at #HIMSS16

The Healthcare IT industry will make our annual pilgrimage to HIMSS next week.  Over 40,000 will descend upon Las Vegas looking for answers on how to “transform Health through IT”.  The conversations and announcements at HIMSS will set the tone for our industry and for our agenda at theHealthIMPACT Forum throughout the year.  I am