HealthIMPACT CXO Dinner in Arizona Post Event Report


On October 26th, HealthIMPACT hosted another great discussion with a fantastic group of motivated and inspired healthcare technology executives.  It is such a pleasure to bring together experienced healthcare executives with differing perspectives to align efforts around a common goal, improving patient outcomes and experience.

Our  featured  speakers  were Brian  Treptow,  Chief  Technology  Officer  of  the  Cancer  Treatment  Centers  of  America,  David  Sayen,  SVP  at  Gorman  Health  Group  and  Former  Administrator  of  the  San  Francisco  Regional  Office  of  CMS  and  Dan  Munro,  Author  of  Casino  Healthcare  and  Forbes  Contributor.    Together  we  explored the intersection  between  technology,  innovation,  and  policy  with  a  keen  focus  on  determining  the  real  impact  MACRA,  ONC’s  Interoperability  efforts,  and  how  to  protect  personal  health  information.

Speaker  Profiles

Mandi_Bishop_headshotMandi  Bishop
Chair  &  Social  Media  Ambassador

As  the  chief  evangelist  and  co-founder  of  Aloha  Health,  Mandi  Bishop  is  disrupting  healthcare  by  making  life  context  actionable.  In  2016,  she  was  recognized  as  one  of  the  “Most  Powerful  Women  in  Healthcare  IT”  by  Health  Data  Management  magazine.  She  was  #1  on  2016’s  #HIT100  list  of  top  healthcare  IT  industry  influencers.  In  2015,  she  was  included  in  Rock  Health’s  “State  of  Women  in  Healthcare”  report  as  a  “Role  Model”.  She  is  @MandiBPro  on  Twitter,  an  advisory  board  member  for  #STEMPrincess,  an  ambassador  for  the  Society  for  Participatory  Medicine,  and  a  contributor  to  numerous  publications.

Dan_MunroDan  Munro
Author,  Casino  Healthcare
Forbes  Contributor

Dan  is  a  writer,  international  speaker  and  author  on  the  topic  of  U.S.  healthcare.  His  first  book  (Casino  Healthcare)  released  in  April  of  2016,  and  he’s  been  writing  about  healthcare  innovation  and  policy  as  a  Forbes  Contributor  since  2011.  With  an  enterprise  software  engineering  background,  Dan  Munro  covers  the  intersections  between  technology,  innovation,  and  policy  that  are  unfolding  inside  one  of  America’s  largest  industries  –  healthcare.  First  appearing  in  Forbes  as  a  Contributor  in  2011,  he’s  written  for  a  wide  range  of  global  brands  and  print  publications.  His  first  book  –  Casino  Healthcare  –  released  earlier  this  year  will  be  gifted  to  all  dinner  guests.    Dan  graduated  from  the  International  School  of  Brussels  before  completing  undergraduate  degrees  in  Computer  Science  and  Communications  (with  a  minor  in  Journalism)  at  the  University  of  Redlands.

David-SayenDavid  Sayen
SVP,  Client  Relations
Gorman  Health  Group

David  Sayen  is  Senior  Vice  President  of  Client  Relations  at  Gorman  Health  Group  (GHG).  In  this  role,  David  guides  GHG  clients  in  developing  strategies  to  respond  to  rapidly  changing  federal  program  opportunities.  David  recently  joined  GHG  after  a  distinguished  career  at  the  Centers  for  Medicare  &  Medicaid  Services  (CMS),  most  recently  as  the  Administrator  of  the  San  Francisco  Regional  Office.  He  is  continuing  his  focus  on  the  Western  states,  especially  California,  Arizona,  Hawaii,  and  Nevada,  using  his  extensive  network  of  relationships  in  the  industry  there.

David’s  extensive  and  in-depth  knowledge  of  Medicare,  Medicaid,  and  the  Affordable  Care  Act  Marketplace  regulatory  requirements  are  an  asset  to  GHG  clients,  and  he  has  a  particular  passion  around  new  payment  models  like  Accountable  Care,  Value-Based  Purchasing,  and  Comprehensive  Primary  Care.

brian_treptowBrian  Treptow
Chief  Technology  Officer
Cancer  Treatment  Centers  of  America

Brian  Treptow  is  Chief  Technology  Officer  of  Cancer  Treatment  Centers  of  America.    CTCA  was  founded  in  1988  on  a  personalized,  patient-centered  approach  to  cancer  care.  Brian  has  held  C-level  IT  positions  for  20+  years  in  numerous  industries.  He  started  with  Accenture  and  was  a  CTO  in  the  Philip  Morris  family  of  companies.  At  CTCA,  Brian  has  responsibility  for  infrastructure,  business  intelligence,  enterprise  application  integration,  mobility,  custom  &  web  development  and  translational  bioinformatics.  Brian  graduated  from  the  University  of  Wisconsin-Whitewater  with  a  degree  in  computers  in  the  first  year  Whitewater  had  such  a  degree.  He  resides  in  Goodyear  with  his  wife  and  4  kids.

Here are some highlights from the conversation.


HHS and CMS are aggressively moving toward innovation of payment models since the ACA was passed into law. Hospitals are waiting on value-based payments because they can’t upgrade their systems fast enough. Shortcomings in EMR Systems and interoperability hamper hospitals’ ability to success under value-based payment.

Providers don’t want to be paid for value. According to a Deloitte Survey, most doctors prefer simple fee for service payment and not pay for performance arrangements.

How is the value measured? Can value be quantified?

For your reference:


Interoperability won’t happen unless there is a reason for it and incentives are aligned, or it provides real value to the patient, provider, and payer. There are places where it exists and where it provides value. The patient needs to demand it. The patient doesn’t understand why they need it or what it even means.  How can we fix this?  How do we educate them?

Data Security

The sector accounted for 19% of total records compromised (134 million). As with the government, the number of records exposed rose dramatically compared with the year before, with a whopping 217% increase. The total number of breaches in the industry during the year was – 22% of all breaches and the highest number of any sector. The results clearly show that a sector that places a high level of importance on the protection and privacy of information needs to work harder to keep data safe from intruders however many of the breaches are internal threats.

How Do we Fix the Broken System?  Do We Need to?

Many plans and providers are already working hard at this…however, to improve while remaining profitable many organizations struggle and the patient suffers the consequences.


Megan Antonelli, CEO, HealthIMPACT Forum
Mandi Bishop, CEO & Co-Founder, Aloha Health
Gemol George, Clinical Informatics Director, Banner Health
Dan Munro, Author, Casino Healthcare, Contributor, Forbes Magazine
Geri Pavia, Healthcare Client Service Manager, Sirius
Kenneth Peterson, MD, Independent Physician
Hector Ramirez, Account Executive SLED/Healthcare, Commvault
Kevin Rhode, Director, Information Technology, Jewish Family & Children’s Service AZ
David Sayen, SVP, Client Relations, Gorman Health Group
Brian Treptow, Chief Technology Officer, Cancer Treatment Centers of America
Scott Truchot, Director of Engineering, Varonis
Laura Young, President, HIMSS AZ, Formerly, Behavioral Health Information Network of Arizona

Attendees In Absentia
Michel Dagher, MD, CMO/CMIO, Core Institute
Anthony Dunnigan, Chief Medical Information Officer, Maricopa Integrated Health Systems
Michael Grace, Sr. Director Enterprise Resource Planning, Dignity Health
Curtis Page, CEO, ACO Common Wealth
David Spitzer, COO, AZ Health E-Connection
Sanjay Suri, VP of Information Services, Cancer Treatment Centers of America

HealthIMPACT would like to thank our generous dinner sponsors.

Sirius Computer Solutions
SiriusHealthcare (1)

In 2015, Sirius launched a dedicated healthcare practice to help clients deal with challenges specific to their industry, such as population health, the need to reduce costs while improving care, the new demands from the clinical business, and the impact of new technologies. Sirius hired a former healthcare CTO to head this practice and guide changes needed to support a healthcare-focused vertical.

In 2016, Sirius went the next step by adding a dedicated healthcare sales team. Healthcare clients need strategic partners who know the business and can focus on their unique requirements, so the healthcare sales team’s primary focus is on understanding the tools and technologies that are driving the industry, so they can strategically help our clients meet their specific challenges with best-of-breed, vendor-agnostic solutions. Visit to learn more.

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