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Bigger Isn’t Always Better – The Science of Connections

  Still reeling from HIMSS?   Have the flyers and white papers made it to the recycling bin yet? Let’s face it, bigger is not always better when it comes to meetings.   Personally, I am a big fan of Dunbar’s Number.  Popularized by British Anthropologist Robin Dunbar, it is the theory that humans can’t sustain more the 150


Back From HIMSS 2016 – Register for the Southwest HealthIMPACT Forum

It was a long and crazy week. My feet still hurt and my head is still spinning from information overload. I am excited to dig into my notes over the next three weeks with HealthIMPACT Chair, Shahid Shah and tease out the major themes and take-aways to ensure that the Southwest HealthIMPACT Forum on March 24th gives